Newborn Hearing Evaluation Program

An auditory brain stem response (ABR) test is used to diagnose hearing loss. This non-invasive measurement uses earphones to present sounds and electrodes to monitor the brain stem's response to sound. Usually, newborns are tested in the hospital within 24-48 hours of birth.

Babies who are screened and recommended for follow-up diagnosis have the option of working with Presbyterian Ear Institute through our Newborn Hearing Evaluation Program. If an infant is diagnosed with hearing loss, parents are provided with information on treatment and a follow-up appointment is scheduled with the Parent-Infant Coordinator.

Started by PEI, the statewide universal newborn hearing screening program is now mandated for all New Mexico babies born in hospitals. Because of this program, early detection is possible for most children in the state.

Take a look at a detailed newborn screening:

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