Speech & Language Program

Our Speech-Language Therapy Program serves both PEI’s School for Oral Deaf Education and the larger community by providing diagnostic and treatment services for children with speech and language delays.

PEI works with children who:

  • Have speech and language delays, regardless of their ability to hear
  • May be dealing with articulation delays, auditory comprehension delays, autism spectrum disorders, brain injury, chronic otitis media, developmental delays, expressive language delays, hearing loss, learning disabilities, and social language delays.
  • Need a thorough, age-appropriate speech-language evaluation to determine course of treatment

Licensed master’s level clinicians work directly with students/clients and their families to administer thorough, age-appropriate evaluations. We use formal and informal techniques as well as criterion-referenced and norm-referenced assessments to determine the type and severity of the delay to make recommendations for follow-up. Parents are an integral part of therapy, including observing, participating in sessions and practicing targets outside of our office. This approach helps children integrate his/her communication skills into home, school, and community.

Students who attend PEI's School for Oral Deaf Education are regularly involved in speech-language therapy. During group and individual sessions, we focus on:

  • speech sound production
  • auditory comprehension
  • interaction/social language skills
  • expressive language skills

Clients not attending the school are seen for evaluations and for individual sessions conducted one to two times a week, depending on the type and severity of the communication communication needs.

Progress is tracked with annual evaluations and regular speech and language level assessments.

To schedule a speech-language evaluation, please call 505.224.7020.