Susan Revels, M.A.

Oral School Program Coordinator

Susan is the Program Coordinator for the School for Oral Deaf Education. A native New Yorker by birth, she received her Bachelor of Science degree from the State University College at Buffalo with a major in Elementary Education and a concentration in Communication Disorders. She then moved to New York City to attend Teachers College at Columbia University where she obtained her Master of Arts degree in Deaf Education. Her training at Columbia involved both a signing approach and an oral approach to teaching deaf children.

In 1991 she accepted a preschool position with the New Mexico School for the Deaf (NMSD). She taught in Farmington for 4 years until she transferred to the NMSD Preschool location in Albuquerque where she taught another 4 years. She also worked with Step Hi as an early childhood interventionist. All the positions she held were positions where sign language was the language of instruction.

During her work with Step Hi, Susan had the opportunity to tour Presbyterian Ear Institute. Listening to the children speak and seeing the written language around the classrooms, she was struck by the level of language being used in the school. She joined PEI’s team and taught for 6 years, first as a teacher and eventually as a teacher-mentor. Life intervened in 2008 and Susan left the field for awhile. But PEI works its magic on teachers as well as children, and she found herself drawn to the school once again.