Research & Education

As the largest cochlear implant program in New Mexico, our team of professionals is at the center of cutting edge technology and research and education in the area of hearing and deafness.

Our educational resource center, including the research we have conducted, contains up-to-date journals and books related to the subject of hearing and deafness. Our materials are accessible to professionals and families regardless of their affiliation to PEI. Please call our office at 505.244.7020 to learn how you can access our resource center.

PEI's team of professionals collaborates with other educators, audiologists, and speech-language pathologists to conduct investigations on perception of sound and deafness. We have published and presented research involving the treatment of otosclerosis, skull base injury, large vestibular aqueduct syndrome, cholesteatoma, and identification and early intervention of infants with hearing loss to our research efforts.